FileAlt extension

After the good feedback I’m going to release this extension. It provides additional methods to the File component, such as

  • CopyFile
  • PathToAssets
  • PathToData
  • FileUri
  • AreFilesEqual (compare two files by content)

(And before anyone starts complaining: I know that it still contains the File component’s methods, but this extension was originally designed for my TextMe project and I don’t want to drag a new component into the designer just for this few methods.)

2018-02-05: Testing started. One of my recent discoveries was that the data folder of your app has an URI. But I want to be 100% sure is my assumptions are correct, so I have to test that. Because I’m not able to test all cases how Android handles storage, I need your help. Please download the test app from the repository and tell me if everything works (it would be nice if you include your system’s data). The app should display your data URI in the title and you should be able to add something to the HTML file. Note that the file gets initialized every time you start the app, so the changes are not persistent.

You can now find this extension in its GitHub repository


2018-02-05: Begin of test phase
2018-02-09: Initial release
2018-05-02: v2 changes icon from default
2018-06-03: v3 introduces new check whether two files are equal
2019-05-31: v4 fixes a bug with asset files in the GetUri function


i am trying it right now :slight_smile:

It’s working. I use a Nexus 5x with Android 8.1 Beta.

it’s working for me too and i am using samsung galaxy grand prime with android 6.0.1

it’s working for me too and i am using Samsung galaxy j7 prime with android 7.0 & Samsung experience ver 8.1

ok,it is working on Xiaomi note4X with Android 7.0.

Works for me on a Samsung S8 OS v7.0

v1 is now released!


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v3 is out now! I added a method to compare two files by content