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Hello Team

Is it possible to make FB Floating Button when app minimized (running in foreground - not in background). Like we have in for FB Messenger?



Like this?

Its possible on my Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 7.0


It’s possible if the app is running in the background.


Is that made with Thunkable?


No, this is a option on my phone. It was on Android 6 too.


Yes exactly Sanders. This is what i need. You are awesome


Its not possible on all phones, but I know that it works with all Samsung Android 6 & Samsung Android 7 phones. I believe, but I am not sure that it works on all Android 7 phones


Possible to make as an extension. I can try something and if it works, I’ll send the code to @Sander0542. You can then add it to the FAB extension if that is okay with you.


I dont think this is possible with an extension, because the app needs to run in the background


It is, if used in conjunction with @Taifun’s tools extension. Not as a background service, but as activity running in the background.


Is your image only a Screenshot and picture edit or a screenshot of a test app?

And how is the function on your samsung called?


It’s a screenshot of the app, I’ll make a video so you understand it better


I believe this is what you’re looking for?



No! That is not what he is asking. This is a stock samsung feature :smiley:. @mannankhanabdul you are talking about SYSTEM ALERT WINDOW, it is a feature which allows to draw on other apps. For example Messenger bubble. Also, this runs in background.


Where can i get fb extension


This is not avaliable, sorry

However, you can get this FloatingActionButton extension:


Thnks @barreeeiroo sir, How can i make a facebook post with thunkable:heart_eyes:


Your question is off topic…

And you have already asked the question here:


Yes exactly. I am looking for the possibility to have Floating button on phone-screen even when app is minimized.

Thanks in adv to Sanders and Pavi for looking into the possibility.