Extensions development



Can someone put a detailed guide of how to make an extension from an SDK? By detailed I mean like a youtube video with a step by step process. I can donate via Paypal.


Hi @Uday_Vissa,

Have you followed this tutorial yet?

Which SDK are you trying to work with?


@Sander0542 Your guide is not working and i’m getting an internal server error. Also I am interested in using The SmartCar Android SDK for controlling vehicles.


Which guide are you referring to @Uday_Vissa? The one I linked to is be @Red_Panda


I’m interested in the Miposaur SDK.

Github: https://github.com/WowWeeLabs/MiPosaur-Android-SDK


brother youtube api extenstion bano


Why not just use the native Web component?

What are you trying to do with the YouTube API?


I found this also, but i don’t know how to utilize this…