Extension TreeView

Extension TreeView

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1. Explanation
Extension Create the list of path, as a tree view expandable.

  • Screenshots

2. Features

  • Icon support
  • 3 FontIcon (Material,FontAwesome,GoogleMIcon)
  • Scroll and Expandable

3.Methods, Events and Properties

  • Property

image :point_right: Wether AutoExpand when TreeNode clicked

image :point_right: Custom Font for the text

image :point_right: Identify what font are being used, β€œgmd” For Material Icons, β€œfaw” for Fontawesome , β€œgmi” For google material icon

image:point_right: Size of Close/Expand Button

image :point_right: Margin beetwen tree Left side

  • Events

:point_right: Notify when TreeNode clicked/longclicked, with return data itself

  • Methods

:point_right: Get TreeNode, for call on specified Node.

:point_right: Set specific Node to change the icon, node get from GetNode methods

:point_right: Set specific Node to Expand with boolean value, node get from GetNode methods

:point_right: AddTree if data icon out of range will be set for default icon you were set.

Thanks to :

  • Stackoverflow forum
  • This community

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