Extension to connect with Pebble smartwatch

com.pebble.smartwatch.aix (39.4 KB)

Version 2
Edited by me.
Modified component from punya.mit.edu.
Anybody who have smartwatch please test this extension and give feedback.(Not sure that it will work)
Jerin Jacob


Excelent. Thanks for your initative on making extention for Smartwatches. This is the veryfirst smartwatch Extention. Looking forward for more in future!


Did you test how it works? Because, it may not work, as you want it to do. Also, what does vibrate require? Milliseconds, seconds, vibration pattern? Also, what is IconID? What kind of id it requires? By the way, if it does not work when compiled, why do you even publish it?

If any other can make it work.
And thunkable community is to share things like these.Isn’t it?

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Well, your code is not modified at all. You just changed category to extensions. You didn’t even notice, things for example, that these classes are not even existing:
import com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.PebbleConstants.*; import com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.PebbleDictionary;.
Also, did you even look into another files, like PebbleConstants? There is com.google.appinventor.components.runtime; package, which should not be in extensions. Second of all, did you even change version integer to a normal one? You are using YaVersion, which is used only by components… You are just changing like 1 line of code & you think it gonna work like that. Answer is no. Not at all…

It is not at all for sharing such things. If you think this community about posting completely not working code.
Sometimes, you should note, that changing a line of code, won’t do anything at all…

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I don’t know java , basically nothing.
May be you can make it work.

I am busy.


@jerinjacob thank you for trying something!
and as far I can see, you not only got the App Inventor development environment installed successfully, you also have been able to modify sources and build an extension successfully…

yes exactly

there once was a guy, who even did not publish an extension, he only announced to provide an extension in 2 weeks… In the end that guy blamed others to not get it running… so what do you think @ILoveThunkable, should that guy better also not have posted?



@Taifun sometimes you read only a part of a topic. As I said before, but you should know that already, if you would read a whole topic. That I am not promising that I will make it! Second of all, I have a heck of work this summer (behind the scenes). You always critise people, but do not know the real story. Maybe that guy just a lost a dad, or he just got injured & he won’t be the same as before. Or maybe, he got a huge operation, which I told about before in a topic. By your logic, I understand, that you don’t care about anything, just your reputation. Imagine, you just lost your mother & do not send an extension to 10 people (in weeks). They all would call you a scammer or lier. Even if they do not know what happened…
Note: I am sure that you will reply something now, but I don’t really care, the same way you do. PEACE.


Keep it friendly please

@ILoveThunkable @Taifun


Please test.

Non funziona

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Thanks for feedback.