Extension: Terminal. Shell LINUX. Get information system, battery,

I have used app Terminal Emulator for Android, this works as terminal mode.

You can’t do that without root, as well, Android devices use Broadcom WiFi chips, so you would need to install a patch (specifically Nexmon drivers) which enables monitor mode, frame injection and radiotap headers.

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Thanks, I have a rooted device with the patch but I need to write the code with thunkable and I’m still working on that.

Then you should be able to use nexutil -m2 command, which is only available on devices patched with Nexmon drivers.

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is CURL supported?

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Alguna extensión para controlar mi celular desde la distancia. Se usaría como un botón para presionar el apk del cliente y él tomaría una foto y la enviaría al cliente, video, audio en tiempo real. Básicamente un espía :slight_smile:

Hola pmaxgt, App Inventor, Thunkable don’t work with services.
Study MQTT.

Hola pmaxgt, puedes hacerlo mediante MQTT, busca en internet información sobre Broker y MQTT.