Extension POSConverter/Bluetooth/Receipt Pack

Extension POSConverter/Bluetooth/Receipt Packets

Price 25 USD Read before buy. terms and conditions

1. Explanation
There are 3 Extension on this packet POS Converter(15USD), Bluetooth Client(Sync for 4USD), Receipt(11USD) and bonus Loading animation 25Usd if Buy all of its.

2. Features

  • A. Pos Converter
  • Convert Image
  • Convert Barcode
  • Convert QRCode
  • Convert Text
  • And other Pos utilities comands
  • B. Bluetooth Client
  • Smooth Connection(no Stutter)
  • Discover all posible area connection
  • Get state of bluetooth connection
  • Request bluetooth connection
  • C. Receipt
  • Zoomable the view
  • Save to storage
  • Build on most view component
  • Support Image, Barcode, QRCode

3.Methods, Events and Properties

  • A. POS
  • Methods

:point_right: All methods Convert into bytes list, will be send by Bluetooth connection to printer.

:point_right: Another Printer Commands.

  • B. Bluetooth
  • Events

:point_right: Listen when Bluetooth state changed, with return some information of connection.

:point_right: Notify that Devices found, Triggered by Try Connection or Discovery methods.

  • Methods

:point_right: Connect the bluetooth by device name or address, by Index means of device list when on OnDeviceFound List returned.

:point_right: Send bytes by List or Text (String).

:point_right: These methods Scanning to Discover all possible bluetooth connection.

:point_right: Try to get all connection fast scan instead DoDiscovey.

:point_right: Request to user when Bluetooth disabled.

:point_right: Call this method when App closing.

:point_right: Check the bluetooth are enabled.

:point_right: Check still discovering or not.

:point_right: Some other methods.

  • C. Receipt

Note: Put Barcode Scanner Component on project, to pull the library and make extension size smaller.

  • Methods

:point_right: Register the view will be zoomable, use Receiptbuild methods when all data set and ready to print out.

:point_right: Start (New) builder receipt with this method set the width dimension, margin of the receipt.

:point_right: After receipt builded, Now construct your receipt.
:point_right: AddText put your text, newLine to setup the next data will be on new Line or in same line with different Align

:point_right: code the value, width/height the size. barcodeFormat 0. Code_39, 1. Code_128, 2.QR_Code .

:point_right: Add image path of the image file, First method will be scaled the image to the value width.

:point_right: Add Line to separate with width value.

:point_right: Save the Image when data was set up, return the path of the image result.

:point_right: Display the result to custom view (if view not registered can’t be zoomable).

:point_right: Some Other Properties, For Align set before add new build data.


Thanks to :

  • Stackoverflow forum
  • Github
  • This community

More Info :


What makes and models of printer has the receipt printer been tested on?

Zjiang zj-5802, printer thermal Simmillar may working.

I want the extension. How to proceed ?

@Kus_Zab please check DM