Extension Own GridCardview

Extension Own GridCardview

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1. Explanation
Extension Show absolutely your own custom Grid Card your apps won’t be same with prev app cause this extension can totally design your own.

2. Features

  • Design your own your desire Card
  • Smart Filtering(Change value when filtered will also change the main data).
  • Caching storage from jake hawtorn at github & picasso lib
  • Custom columns
  • Dynamic label badge position

3.Methods, Events and Properties

  • Property

image :point_right: Set Align of main viewAdapter

image :point_right: Set total Column of the gridView

image :point_right: When Last grid were ods column, will set fit the layout or same other size

  • Events

:point_right: Listen when Card clicked return data information itself.

:point_right: Notify that Ripple effect animation was finished.

  • Methods

:point_right: Start with register of HV Arrangement layout target and your own structure data.

:point_right: Design your layout on designer builder then regis its.
:point_right: The Structure data should be arrayed like this.
:point_right: Build Structure of your own design, remember the container name empty string means Component will add to main layout.

:point_right: These methods set the Your layout pinned to the top(Experimental function).

:point_right: Start your list makelist of value would be set, the value base on the component type, container won’t be count, The last two list items are for label Empty mean not visible.
:point_right: Image Url path, Label Text, Icon if set isChange then value must code name icon if not set by color, Checkbox Text, Button Text .

:point_right: Filter indexValue componet value willbe filtered, isContains if false filter working if equals.

:point_right: Clear Clear your list, and another clear function.

:point_right: SetValue Set specificly data would be changed.

:point_right: Customize the cards (Can set on designer Property)

:point_right: Customize the Ripple Effect(Can set on designer Property)

:point_right: Customize the Label Badge(Can set on designer Property)

:point_right: Go To Position are smooth or not.


Thanks to :

  • Stackoverflow forum
  • Github
  • This community

More Info :


Hey… I have error…
When I export apk
Compiling fails … I think … this is due to this Extension…
I have not used any other extension

Please help

He is no longer reponding…

Even i m facing a lot problem but don’t know where is he gone!!