Extension. Other template to build Extensions

Hi friends,
in this post I wrote about a tutorial to build Extensions:

Then in this post a Template of extension:

And now other Template to build Extension: (Copy, Paste and Study: Plantilla2.java file)


If you want to start building extensions, I recommend you start with mathematical functions, for example multiply two numbers, calculate the body mass index (BMI), obtain a random number, calculate the area of a triangle, calculate the volume of a cylinder, …

When you know how to perform these mathematical functions, you can launch yourself to learn a bit of Java and write more complicated extensions.



Here other Template. Plantilla3.java

Simply copy, paste and study.


Juan Antonio Villalpando.

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Please tell you how to create an extension using this library.


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu Sir can You tell me How To Create extension using library

read the App Inventor Extensions document, especially chapter 3.2.3 and the document which is mentioned there