[Extension] Math Formulas [V3]


Hello guys!
I always wondered how extensions are made. I started to explore making extensions and started learning JAVA. I’m still a beginner. And I hope to bring more useful extensions to the community.
Here is my very first extension. Math Formulas
As clearly stated in the name, this extension includes some formulas of math.


Total blocks: 24. I will add more in the next releases.

Usage / Instructions

I think blocks are clear and don’t need any instructions to use.

Download Link

Direct Link: [V3] com.Fahad.MathFormulas.aix (10.1 KB)
Google Drive:


Version 1 : Added 8 blocks (For calculating areas)
Version 2 : Added 6 blocks (For calculating volumes)
Version 3 : Added 10 new blocks

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Changelog V2

Added 6 blocks for calculating volumes of following:

  1. Cube
  2. Parallelepiped
  3. Regular prism
  4. Cylinder
  5. Cone
  6. Sphere

Check 1st post for the link.

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Changelog V3

Added 10 new blocks

  1. Pi (Returns value of Pi)
  2. Cube (Returns Cube of a number)
  3. CubeRoot (Returns cube root of a number)
  4. Log (Returns the natural logarithm of a number)
  5. Log10 (Returns the base 10 logarithm of a number)
  6. Log1p (Returns the natural logarithm of the sum of the argument and 1)
  7. Exp (Returns E raised to the power of a number, where E is Euler’s number and it is approximately equal to 2.71828
  8. Expm1 (Calculate the power of E and subtract one from it)
  9. PowerOfNumber (Returns the power of a number)
  10. QuadraticFormula (Find the value of Quadratic formula by providing values of a, b and c. Positive value will be returned)

Suggest me what should be added in next version?

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