Extension: ImagePicker more of 10 images. Create a new directory to store

Hi friends,

this extension is a ImagePicker, to open Gallery we need a normal button.

With ImagePicker original we can store a maximum of 10 images, those images are stored in:

With this ImagePicker extension we can store a maximum of 1000 images, the default store directory is:

but you can create a new directory to store images.


Juan Antonio Villalpando.


Hola amigos, con esta extensión podemos tener un SelectorDeImágenes que puede almacenar hasta 1000 imágenes de la Galería (el SelectorDeImágenes original solo puede almacenar 10 imágenes).

Las im√°genes normalmente se almacenan en /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/_app_inventor_image_picker,

pero con esta extensión podemos crear un nuevo directorio para que se almacenen en ese directorio.

p190i_ImagePickerX.aia (14.6 KB)

com.KIO4_ImagePickerX.aix (14.0 KB)


Great enhancement, I might use it for my current project. One question: What value has the Selection method? A list of file paths or the path to the directory where the files are stored in?

When you get Selection, in Label1:




/storage/emulated/0/ usually is /mnt/sdcard/

Sooo, how do you get 10 images?

the activity starter solution does not have such restrictions… How to pick an image using the activity starter
no need for an extension…

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Red Panda, with original ImagePicket you can save a maximun of 10 images in /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/_app_inventor_image_picker

In order to not fill up storage, a maximum of 10 images will be stored. Picking more images will delete previous images, in order from oldest to newest.

With this extension you can store up to 1000 images.

With original ImagePicker images are saved in /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/_app_inventor_image_picker

With this extension you can create a new directory and save images in that directory.

Sir how to get images from save directory

sir how to get images from save directory