Extension: Get source code web page. Charset. International language


Get source code of web page. Charset. International language.

You can get source code of web page with Web component:

But sometimes webpage is coded with another charset and get strangers chars.

With this extension you set charset of web page and get source code.



com.KIO4_SourceCodeWeb.aix (6.9 KB)



Here an example of this extension:


p247_charset_web.aia (8.1 KB)
com.KIO4_SourceCodeWeb.aix (6.9 KB)



nice :+1:

can you help me please how can i make the same thing
on php
i need to get a specific line from source code in my page
so when i request for example www.abc.de/request.php
this will bring the line from another page and show it as link or text
could you please give me any thing from you or google about that


To get source code from PHP use:

$f = file_get_contents("http://www.site.com/f");
echo $f;


Thanx a lot :+1:


Exelente trabajo gracias por compartir


when I load the pages I need, I get text like": "\u0412\u0440\u043e\u0434\u0435 \u0432\u0441\u0435 " tell me how this Json lead to a normal view (((((((((((((((((((((
help me pls


Can you help me ? I need get this result from these web site to use on my app



ayuda !!! como puedo obtener el sorce code de una pagina protegida ,solo lo puedo ver en un webviewer ,pero no se como copiar desde ahi