Extension for Wolfram|Alpha


This is my second extension and it uses the Wolfram|Alpha API. Wolfram|Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that can answer requests. You can get a free API Key for up to 2,000 non-commercial API calls per month. You need to get an API Key here: https://products.wolframalpha.com/api/. Then set AppID to your appID and get started!

Visit the project’s GitHub page for all files

Known issues:

2017-07-02: Initial release
2017-07-03: Added pictures, problem with the .aia file
2017-07-04: New extension version, still has problems with thunkable
2017-07-09: .aia can be imported (new blockly version was needed)
2017-07-10: different error message
2017-11-16: v1 released
2018-02-25: v2 released

Localization extension
No such class error [offtopic - working with the App Inventor sources]

Am Glad you have taken the mantle of creating Extensions on APIs. I Hope More Extension developers looks into this as well


After uploading your example aia file. I got error in opening the project.


If you are introducing an extension, you have to show all blocks & give a description how they work… Although, great idea for an extension.


Use something like this:


You are right, I could reproduce your error. It seems that some of my project are corrupt. See my topic here. I uploaded a new version, you might want to try again. Anyway, the .aia seems to work in AI2.


Thanks for adding info.


Good news! I got the extension working! v1 should be live now.


v1 had problems with url encoded requests. This is not necessary. Got fixed in v2