Extension for device ID

Is there any extension for device id?

Hello @manelek

There are couple of extensions that can return the IMEI (device ID) of the device which I remember and the same are listed below.

Bro help me fix this. Where shoud i put the permission? Should i add activity starter?
Im having a runtime error

For this :point_up_2: show your blocks.

Both extensions working fine for me.

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Give me a second

how to fix this? i need to create permission

Did you grant the permissions when your app initializes for the first time?
Also, it will be really helpful if you show the related blocks.

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it only in initialize screen


You are using the wrong block!
To get the IMEI of the device use this :point_down: block

(image source: https://puravidaapps.com/telephonymanager.php)

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same problem. it needs a permission.

Wait I will have a look at it

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thank you so much bro, i will wait for it.

Ok got it.

Whats happening is when you initialize the app for the first time, its straight away declines the mentioned permission as you not accepted it during that time

So the solution would be to keep the TaifunTM1.DeviceId block in a manual event ( for example see below image) instead of keeping it in app initialization phase


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let me try it wait bro

bro. thank you so much. it working now! May god bless you!

Happy to know that its working now! :slight_smile:

I have indicated this as solved in your other similar topic :point_down: