Extension: Explorer files and directories

Hi friends,

this extension is an explorer of files and directories.

You can obtain name or long format information with ExplorerX.

When is a directory, last chart is a “slash”.

This is other example about this extension:

  • First element of ListView is Up Directory (…)
  • Second element of ListView is Actual Directory (.)

  • In other version I’ll add copy, move, create,… files and dirs.

p280i_Extension_Explorador.aia (10.3 KB)

com.KIO4_Explorer.aix (11.5 KB)

  • Regards.

Juan Antonio Villalpando.



Great! I´m thinking in using it to check if an image is already downloaded

Is this Extension fully free ? please reply i want to use it in a app and publish it on play store but it will be free

@TechSoft_Station, this extension is free.

The software is provided “as is” and the author disclaims all warranties
with regard to this software.

Es gratis, este software se presenta “como está”, el autor no es responsable de su mal funcionamiento ni de los problemas que pueda causar.