Extension change the design of the button


Hello I offer you a special extension today to change the design of the button and its shape and add some effects …

blocks%20(8)com.ahmadSyria.ButtonDesigner.aix (7.4 KB)
ButtonDesign.aia (9.2 KB)com.ahmadSyria.ArrangementDesign.aix (7.6 KB)




it’s very good. can you make the same with arrangments?


very interesting especially with all the properties.thanks


yes you can




To add your arrangments you will find the extension next to the extension button design aaaaaa


where is you paypal?


I dont have an account paypal


and how i can donate?


I will activate the PayPal account soon and I will tell you, God willing


its mine extension you have copied my extension


I do not need to copy your extension but if you are Egypt give me 3 extensions for you


how to set background color to transparent, whenever i try to do it it gives yellow backgroung, it would be helpful if you give me color code for yransparent background.


I haven’t tried this with this particular extension but transparent in RRGGBBAA = #FFFFFF00


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@Ahmad_Mtrd Bro Can You Add Icon Of Font Awesome And Material Icon In Your Exension So It Can Made As Material Design Button.So,Add Icon Like Button Deluxe


@Diego_Marino Do You Have Any App On Playstore Then share It Bro :grin: