Extension change the design of the button

I usually use # 00000000

Ok thanke you

Hey. Help to make the slider like on your picture under the button to move it to get its value above it or below it. Thanks.

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Hey @Ahmad_Mtrd,

Love your button designer extension, have been using it for some time now.
I was trying to use the arrangement designer too, but couldn’t get it to work. Made an app similar to yours with sliders but no matter what value I put, the design of the arrangement is not changing. Please help. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Try setting arragement background color to “None”. It worked to me.
Awesome Extension!

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How to chage colors

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is the aia file for mit app inventor

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Hi @Ahmad_Mtrd

Love this Extension, I’ve started implement this in my app now.

But I’m wondering, is it possible to add more than one arrangement to the Designer block?

Now I have to do like this:
blocks (2)

But I would want to do something like this:

Is this possible in any way? I’ve tried a few methods, but can’t find any working solution.

Another thing I miss is the possibility to use the Vertical Scroll Arrangement

is this same with kodular because color code gives a different value and can not change property with blocks

Extensions are no longer supported.

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