Extension: Animated Gif Clickable. Transparent bg

Hi friends,

this extension is about Animated Gif Clickable.

  • It is necessary a Layout (Horizontal or Vertical), Gif set in that Layout.

  • It is not necessary a component of Image, but you can set too.

  • You can create animated Gif in Screen1.Initialize or Click Button…

  • If name of image is empty or does not exist, image is not create :slight_smile:

  • You can click over Gif images and trigger an event.

  • In this example first click Button, then over Stan-Oli, and then over Travolta confused.

  • Transparent background.

  • Gif in the chosen position.

  • Feliz Año Nuevo.

  • Juan Antonio Villalpando

  • Hola amigos, con esta extensión podemos poner Gif animados en nuestros proyectos, además podemos pulsar sobre ellos para ejecutar un evento.

  • Es necesario una Disposición (Horizontal o Vertical) donde se creará el GIF.

  • También podemos poner un componente de imagen, pero no es necesario, consulta el ejemplo.

  • Al pulsar sobre los GIF lanzamos un evento.

  • Se pueden poner GIF con fondo transparente.

  • Se puede situar el GIF en cualquier lugar del Disposición.

  • En el ejemplo que he puesto, primero pulsas el Botón, luego sobre la imagen del Gordo y el Flaco y después sobre el Travolta confundido.

p193B_gif_animado.aia (888.3 KB)
p193D_gif_animado.aia (1.3 MB) (Example transparent bg.)

com.KIO4_AnimatedGif.aix (9.0 KB)
com.KIO4_AnimatedGif.aix (11.2 KB) (This is last version)(Transparent bg. Position image.)






p193C_gif_animado.aia (1.9 MB)


this extention is very good
but i’ve noticed that the background of the gif is not transparent when it’s on phone

and i’ve changed the arrangement background

(Images works without transparency in this extension.)

Edit: With last version works with transparent bg

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Can we stop animation after 'x’seconds while maintaining its clickable ability

Hei @Gudguy, this extension cann’t stop image, maybe I’ll modify it another day.

With this other extension you can click in a static image.


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Sir this extstion not work properly in 4.4.2 or lower Android version

Please give some solution …


sir https://community.thunkable.com/uploads/default/original/3X/a/0/a01c5514f194c159da1ab52ae29b01d0c04c7c1b.png

breaking images

I think it breaks the images because the device is slow, maybe with an Android 4.4.2 but a faster device works fine.
Use other methods for animated gif:


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Is it possible add a transparent GIF with the background from the parent?

Soon with transparent background.

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Nice, waiting!


Here an example of GIF with Transparent background:

  • With the AnimatedGif block, we can put an animated GIF, the VerticalArrangement adapts to the dimensions of the image. You can put the VerticalArrangement with a background and the GIF image have a transparent background.

With the AnimatedGifPos block, the VerticalArrangement does not adapt to the dimensions of the image. You can put the VerticalArrangementt with a background and place the Gif in a certain position.

p193D_gif_animado.aia (1.3 MB)
com.KIO4_AnimatedGif.aix (11.2 KB)



sir in Android 4.4.2 version not work properly …

please fixex it…

I have problem like this…the gif not transparant when live test…what is the solution sir? what change did you make?

what is the solution for this sir? i va try above extension but did’nt work…

Oh yes…its work…but mr. juan…how do we estimate of left or right margin?..I mean where it measured from?

i can’t dowbload guys. please help me

It seems that it only works in versions lower than Android 6

example extansion gif https://youtu.be/1MBhcQNdooY

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