Error in builder I need help please


When I try to open the project in Thunkable I receive the following error:
The blocks did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 4791330924396544_Screen1 will not be saved.
And I do not see any block, which I can do, it’s very important Please help.


You posted that 4 hours ago. Are you still experiencing the same problems?


Yes, I still have the same problem. Do you know any solution?


Which of the builders are you using because beta server is back on track.


i use the beta server but i still have the same problem


Is it a project you are importing or it was built on that server?


i built on that server.


Firefox should be fine with Thunkable, but just as a test, use Chrome and try to open the same project.
Also, do you have any Firefox extensions installed?


First Have extensions? do you upgrade someone extension? Check if in another computer u can save de aia , or its your pc or Firefox, check if any blocks as bein changued


Yes i have extensions, I added two extensions just before the error occurred, i try in other computer and with other browser, but i still have the same error. I try to download the aia and import but it doesn’t work either


your project seems to be corrupted…
upload your latest backup and restart from there
see tip 6 here



What extensions?


i rebuild the aia with the lastest backup, but in every way I say the extensions I had:

-Calendar plus
these are all the extensions I used in my app