Error 1101 resolved how to hide the link but how to stop it from displaying it

Hi, I would like to go back to error 1101 because you do not understand well in the previous discussions, in particular it has been fixed how to hide the error with notifier but my doma is how can you not get this error out?
I have my app that often always displays the error and sometimes goes off as if it were a bug, you can not get it out just because at the end and temporary? someone can help me solve thanks!
I hope I explained myself I am attaching the blocks of my project
(I would also like to congratulate all the answers you give to me as the other users of the group if necessary)

use the Screen,ErrorOccurred event to catch that error

thanks I had already put it following another day’s discussion did not come out who knows we’ll see in the next few days thanks for everything taifun

You can insert the below set of blocks in MIT app invetor to hide the display of error message-error1106