Entity Keyboard Extension


This is an extension component that handles keyboard events. It contains nearly 300 key constants and supports various keyboard events. You can also customize your own custom keyboard events based on the onKey method. The events in this extension can be used as a monitor for an Android TV remote control, a Bluetooth keyboard, or an OTG USB keyboard.Before using, call the Arrangement property to bind a layout.
cn.zzq.KeyEvent.KeyEvent.aix (55.1 KB)
Example:KeyEventDemo.aia (57.3 KB)


Nice work.
Does this handle events for the built in android keyboard as well?

Would you like to share an aia file as example?


Good Job

we are waiting powerful extensions from you

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guys you can download extension from this forum, when download it it give me error message, it could not download from this server !!!

please try to upload it outside of forum


Superbbbbbbbbbbbbb nice extension


no issue downloading for me…
maybe there is something wrong with your browser?

see also my comment below for nandu…

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You are right, I changed the browser

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Thanks so much !!!

Great Work


There is problem when I try to download an extension. “Download Failed” ?!!!