Emotion Recognizer is not Working

Apart from image recognizer, the Emotion Recognizer is also not working for thunkable classic. Tried modifying the blocks, still no result. As the blocks shown above, it creates an Error 1104: Unable to post or put the file:///storage/emulated/0/Pictures/app_inventor_1570505695034.jpg" with the specified URL.

Did I miss some steps? I think I did it right.

I am unable to reproduce this error. Any chance you can try this again? If it still isn’t working, can you send me your .aia where this is happening (you can feel free to message me directly)?

Hi Arun, thx for your immediate response. Tried it several times on different phones (Oppo & Xiaomi) but still the outcome persisted.
Btw, here is the aia & apkExpress_Yourself.aia (22.5 KB) Express_Yourself.apk (3.8 MB)

Maybe I missed something?

I just live tested the aia and downloaded the apk to a few phones around me and none of them were able to see a crash or error message, which is so curious. They all just showed my the score, which is what your blocks tell them to do. I didn’t try on an Oppo or Xiaomi though, so let me see if I can do that.


Hmmm…okay. I’ve tried on several xiaomi phones and they all show the same error. Maybe I’ll try on other android phones instead. Thank you Arun