Email Otp Verification Extension | Version 1

Hello Everyone!!

Today i’m here with a very useful extension for you all. Email Otp verification extension You can use this extension to verify users email id that they provide during signup/SignIn process by sending an otp to their given email. For more information like How it works? How to use this extension? Download a sample AIA file or the Java Souce code of this extension kinldy visit our blog. Click Here

:anchor: Screenshots

Download Extension : com.cttricks.emailotpverification.aix (10.5 KB)

Price : 0$ | This extension is for free.
Price : 3$ or ₹100/- | [ - ] For custom Script ID Why Custom Script ID?

:bell: Yet, if you find this useful, you can donate! || For Paytm Click Here


Good Extension!
Keep up the good work!

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Is Script ID Mandatory? If the script ID box is empty then what will the extension do?

yeah! Without Script ID you can’t send Otp to the users email id.

Oh, GOT IT ! Thanks buddy.:slightly_smiling_face: