Education application using thunkable

Hey all,
i m planning to create an app for an institute where user will have a log in access and I want to restrict the user to capture the screen or i want to restrict the user to record the screen because I will provide some video tutorial and to maintain the privacy i want these restriction

This is not an option in thunkable at this time.

Is that an option on any mobile app? I feel like I can screenshot Netflix and if they can’t block it, I doubt we’ll be able to.

Ok. When I screenshot Netflix, it’s all black except for the logo and closed captions. This is doable, but not for us yet.

This should be a feature request and is totally doable for both android and iOS though the process is different.

What do you think @Mark, with a feature request on GitHub?

@arnold1 Did you really intend to put this post in the ThunkableClassicDiscuss category or was that just a typo? There is currently no new development being done for Thunkable Classic. Our currently supported product is Thunkable ✕ (

In any case, do feel free to create a feature request (here) for this.