Easy to decode large information with JSON format


Hello! Recently I struggled to find a way to manage information that I got in JSON format, and I realized a way that it worked for me and I wanted to shared it with you! Of course, an even simpler way to do it if we know the tags, we can find it at http://www.imagnity.com/tutorials/app-inventor/web-component-json-response-on-app-inventor/. But it didn’t work for me because it was a lot of information and tags were’nt that clear.

So my proposition is that if you have to to use a structured JSON, for example, you know that you need the the third element, of the second element of the first element, instead of using

you can use this:

And if you ask: Hey! That looks easy, but it is a pain to know exactly what to put in the list to look for the element I want! For you (and for me) I made a simple app that here I’m sharing with you:

You put your URL in the textbox, click GO, and explore where is your desired information! In the example, if you want to look the authors of a recently published book of Harry Potter!

JSON_Decode.aia (4.4 KB)
JSON_Decode.apk (2.3 MB)

Json file, how show the data as column wise, I want to know the process to show the train no. And train name in column . please help me
Json has me lost

This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


hi amrita…
i am really impressed with thunkable blocks system. it’s so easy to integrate with data and other extensions.

i am stuck somewhere if you can show me way forward…

i am developing a map on which all markers will appear or fetched from my data sheet which is integrated with it for latitude and longitude details of various sites.

for that i am using json but i am failing construct blocks… can you show me way forward ?