Earn Huge Amount With Admob



Hi thunkers :wave:

We all been working hard for making apps and earn 0.50-1$ with Admob while other network pays upto 10-20$
I have been suffering too, so i found this way and it works like charm :heartpulse:
Some might know this method too…


Before starting i will like to show you my progress

22nd May 2017

I have earned 4.58$ with 6,476 Impressions and having very Low RPM of $0.71

23rd May 2017

I have earned $15.77 with 5,909 :heart_eyes: Impressions and having very High RPM of $2.67

Let me show you how did i do it!

Let’s Begin

1: Click on the monetize option on the top bar

2: Click on your app available at the Left side of the bar

3: Click on 1 ad source next to your enabled Ad

4: Click on Admob

5: Enable eCPM floor… and add any value from $0.30 to $0.40 not more than that or else your ads will slow and not show on some devices… Remember not more than 0.40$

6: Click CONTINUE and Let the magic begin… :grin: :heart_eyes:

Thought to share this to my fellow Thunkers so they can earn too :blush:

This is no trick or Photoshop or Inspect Element, this is 100% real, try it out
If you have any issues or didn’t understood the steps , reply below & i will make sure to reply to everyone :grinning:

I HOPE THIS HELPS :+1: :grinning:


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Wow! Almost 4 times increase! :astonished: Great!


How much active users do you have, @Kevin, for that app?


280 only :cry: I guess once i promote my app on Youtube, i will get some more users :wink:


Is this your PayoutSharp app?


Yes :sweat_smile::no_mouth:


This is insane :scream: I thought i admob is waste as it gives less payment but i guess there are tricks like this :open_mouth:
Thanks for sharing


Wow the rpm has grown tremendously (about 8X what it usually would be)


:heart_eyes: :raised_hands:
That’s a massive growth too :heart_eyes:
I hope everyone sees this topic and grow their earnings too :smile:

Everyone please share your rpm growth too so others can see it and try it themselves :smile::+1:


This method is applicable on banner ad??


Yes but you should use 0.20 - 0.30 max for banner :smiley::+1:


Hi @Kevin. I can’t find Monetize tab.


It is on the top of Admob dashboard


in fact, there is no bar on top.

Possibly, it is because of Admob beta


Lol :laughing: you are in the beta version of 2017 Admob!
Scroll down and it will say Leave Beta

Then in the old version search this

Hope this helps :smile::+1:


My app revenue got 40% increment. Thanks for the trick.


@pavi2410 please share your growth too :blush: After checking for 2-3 days :+1:


Hey @Kevin should we use a single banner ad in the whole app for different pages ? or different ads for different pages ?


You can use single banner ad unit id for every banner in the app


thanks man !