Earn Huge Amount With Admob



any One want to promote your application . i can promote on my website . we will very less amount of Monny


there is no option to leave beta


@kevin bro… there is no longer available older version of admob


bro i need your aia filr


Hey , @ytsrex
If you have so many installers from India then,I request you not to set floor for ecpm value because your ads will lead to have less fill rate .As, stated from admob support you can have more fill rate only in countries with companies that pay good amount for a click.But,in India it is difficult to understand that for which value do we have high fill rate because I have just changed the the floor for ecpm value for every 10 days ,Sometimes I have set small value & sometimes I have set it to high values but, It reportedly has decreased the fill rate of my ad & also impression rpm.
However,if you have more users from U.S or any other country with companies paying good money for clicks then please watch this video to set floor for ecpm value in admob beta 2017

If you feel hard to follow this video then watch the new video provided in the following article

How to increase Admob ecpm

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can you share with me how to earn more by admob? or How to get lots of install?

Thank you.


Hello @Mamunur_Rahman but , I am also a learner like you & I have got the above information by reading the support page of admob .You can also gain knowledge from admob support page.
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Have you read that policy?


thanks alot !


I’ve tried this but had the issue that after I put up the eCPM rate, my Match Rate goes down considerably… the Requests are high but the Impressions are very low. I’ve been doing apps since September, and so far I’ve made about $3.50 in total.


YeA definitely your match rate will heavily be affected. It can drop down to as low as even 45% depending on your Country and targeting settings.


I’m not sure how to adjust targeting settings… but even so, what would be the point of boosting the eCPM if the match rate will decrease so much? Surely it’d pretty much balance out and wouldn’t matter either way if it’s set to high or low, either way you’d make about the same amount of money. It just leave the original post as somewhat misleading, giving the impression you can make a lot of money if all you do is boost your eCPM, when that’s really not the case…


How to display ads in IRAN



Are you asking a specific question here @Dream_Less?


I don’t found that option


It is there. First of all you have to create and define mediation Group. And then you can define the Floor amount You want. But Note that this might affect your Fill Rate.


hi guys my most of user are from india what value should i set ?


if you have majority of users in india then interstitial eCPM should be like 0.05-0.20 only as in india advertisers don’t pay more!


Can we make it so that if they pay for a subscription or just pay once forever, can they remove the ads… Like $0.99 for ad removal… And how, can you demonstrate! Doing this with Google Developers Console not Apple!