Earn Huge Amount With Admob







Wait what? :scream:
Congo! But i guess they would at some point even play some games and try to bann :triumph: i left admob now and i am working on my web apps with CPALEAD :smile::+1:t2:


This was long ago though


HOLY ****!

Just wait until I publish my app and the 600 people a day that download it are making thousands of impressions (not to mention the 66,000 people that already have it on their phones).


Dice app…


You got it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello I am new at admob so using admob beta how can I implement this method?


admob beta


How do you think to use AdMob native? Thunkable only works with Banner & Interstitial


Guys anyone know how to able this trick in the new admob beta template ??


Will you Please share a link to set this eCPM Option?


How many users have downloaded and kept your app?



All those struggling to implement this feature in the New AdMob Beta feature, do the following:

  1. Click on Mediation >> Create a New Mediation group >> (Select Platform and Ad Format).

  2. Enter Mediation NAME >> Add AdUnits >> (Select your App and Add Your AD Units).

  3. Scroll to the bottom, you will see an eCPM tab on the right side of the table. Hover over “Real time” below eCPM >> Click on the Pencil icon >> Toggle “Set Floor” option and set your eCPM revenue as per your Ad Type >> SAVE.

  4. Now go make some CASH!!!


My app was earning daily between 10 to 16 dollars. After i have introduced Mediation it came to 2 dollars and below. Now i removed the Mediation option, even though the income is not increasing as earlier. :frowning:


Is the ecpm rate country specific?
I have recently changed the ecpm value to $0.30 for interstitial and $0.20 for banner ads as mentioned in the post but, my earning and ad impressions have decreased.After that I have decreased the ecpm to $0.10 for both ads but, there is no change.Earlier, for 3000 page views there were 2500 impressions but, now it has changed to be less than 1000 impressions for same page views.So, I just want guidance to set the ecpm rate.


Hello everyone,

I am new to admob. I have a question. Should I allow only ads that are related to my app’s category in admob?


No, it’s not possible


@Kevin Yo la verdad es que tengo bastantes impresiones pero no gano lo que creo que debería ganar. ¿Esto me ayudará ha ganar más, no?


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Why i have lots of admob network request?
Why my ads match rate is low?

Can anyone suggest me how to make match rate 100%.


Hi , I have like 16k Of impressions but only of 0.20 of ecmp i did all of this post but nothing :frowning: