Earn Huge Amount With Admob



@pavi2410 you had the same problem?


Yea, but I found the link to switch to older version in the footer.


Just earn huge amount with Leadbolt :wink:, use WebViewer for Leadbolt Banners & My WebViewerDialog extension for Leadbolt Interstitial ads!


You can do the same in the beta as well.
Go to the Mediation tab, create a new Mediation group and set the eCPM floor there. Works the same way.

Let me know if you want a more detailed approach


Thanks Helios!
Work very well 1000$ in only one day!


With how many impressions???


Sorry that was a joke…:blush: 1,35$ 300 impressions


What’s your CPM


You can calculate it: $4.50


Yea, but I am suspicious, as it not possible to have such big CPM. I think you are fooling us @clement_pignet


A few days ago I had $10.65 CPM on 1 app.


Can you show stats?


Sure, just give me 30 minutes to shower, ear and start my laptop.


Sorry that I am late


Well, can you show a video how you enter this page? Because, I am thinking that you are just changing values of HTML tag. :thinking:.


Here is a Youtube link to a screen recording.


That’s interesting… While searching through internet, I saw a few topics, that are saying that average CPM is 1$-4$, your CPM is pretty large, unbelievable.


That is not always like that, my avarge is 0.42


I think you mean RPM, right?


CPM is in english, RPM is in other language. (I think)