Earn Huge Amount With Admob



Interstitial rpm 56$ :scream:
Did you earned that? Wow :flushed:


Though sad for you. Also, I can send (pm) you a tutorial how to earn cash with AdFly. How to integrate both Banner & Interstitial ads.


It’s your trick only


Yeah but this time around i need to research the best ad network and then only use it :pensive: Admob is like got all that money from my app 150+++$ and lets ban this guys account :triumph:


If they had to ban your account, they could have done it earlier, but no, they looted you


Yes :disappointed::disappointed: this makes me feel soo bad!


@Kevin try this service. They claim to integrate ads into your apps by just uploading the APK file along with the keystore.


I know about enhancefgl but that won’t work as i work with interstitial ads :neutral_face:


Sorry to say this, but What were you expecting? You clearly knew that using Admob this way was asking for a ban. And if you didn’t know, this will teach you that every time you use an online service (specially if there’s money involved), you need to read something that nowadays almost nobody reads called “Terms and Conditions”.
I hope you can get your case resolved. :worried:



Clicking and viewing , both are different!!
Clicking are like telling users to click on the banner which opens a link same for interstitial, telling users to click on interstitial after the image / video is loaded which opens link
All the other Adnetworks also allows to do this kind of stuff… idk why admobs have soo many guidelines :neutral_face::neutral_face:
I am trying my best to resolve this issue and hope to get my money back too! :sweat:


@kevin i think @Italo images explains clearly why your account was band. sorry for the lost. hope you resolve your issues soon. Admob is just one Network you wouldn’t love to trade for other Alternatives. for the purpose of your app, you could have used adfly or propeller ads.


I have done everything on this page, inserted my d unit ID, sleceted visibile, called admob banner 1 load activity in Screen INitialized and set the admob banner 1 visibility to true after “loaded” activity. Removed the test mode and generated the apk. But no ads is showing in my app even though i see the area the banner is supposed to occupy on the screen. It is blank.

Please help


You should set banner to $0.10. that works for me


This is what I do:


I did exactly that and even just tried using interstitial as well but same result; no ads. I also checked my admob account and it says status enabled with a green dot on the unit added.

I am at my wits end and don’t know how to resolve this. Please note that this app is not yet on Playstore but it is packaged as apk with testmode unchecked.


@obisi7 you are following a wrong topic. this topic is meant for ads that have been tested and been displayed in apps. note that if you create a new unit id and go ahead to use the procedure in here, it might affect the time taken for the ads to display.

#Follow the topic here:
How to put any admob ads .



Impossible to find leave beta…
Does anyone can help me?



This should help :smile:


unfortunately not… i can’t find it!


They might have removed the downgrade feature then! :frowning: