Earn Huge Amount With Admob



Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Use $0.10 with a banner and $0.40 with interstitial


where i can’t understand can you expalin me more plzz?


Step 1: This is the menu on your screenshot

Click on the app you want to “upgrade”

Step 2: When you clicked the app, then you see a list with your adunits. Click on adsource

Step 3: When you clicked on adsource. Click now on Admob Network

Step 4:

Banner --> $0.10
Interstitial --> $0.40


thank you very much bro but when i clixk to do 0.10 banner there is a message


@king, Use 0,10 instead of 0.10. The difference is . (dot) between , (comma)!


thank you very much brother the good protect you and we friends you have a facebook ?


Thanks :smile:, if you need something, just message me here in Thunkable :wink:


Thnaks so every app i can do this banner 0,10 interstetial 0,40 for every app ?






Thank you @Sander0542 and @ILoveThunkable for helping the users :smile::+1:


@Kevin Is this real?


i want ask banner: 0,10 inter;0,40 but native ads ?


No, native ads can’t be added with Thunkable at the moment


ok thans bro


do you work native ads ?


It is impossible to work with Native Ads while using Thunkable.


ILoveThunkable … I use another application with ads nativ


Oh, also to tag use @, eg: @rachidos


@ILoveThunkable Thank