Earn Huge Amount With Admob



On 26th i earned 0.3$ for a day and i checked my earning is now 4$ :scream::confetti_ball::tada:
Thank you soo much Feeling proud😆


How much active users do you have? I just want to know for what no. of users, how much we get. @Braden_Boyko


I just checked my Admob account and found $0.04 there (since yesterday). :neutral_face:

I will see till 1 month, if it grows well, then good, else i will make it ad-free again. :smile:


I have 34 active user :disappointed: I wish i had more , but all the 34 are my friends :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the screenshot of the app.

I sacrificed my instructables link to make some space for ads :cry:

It also has interstitials.

Can anybody tell me what should be the correct time to show interstitial ads?

Currently, I show 3 seconds after screen initialize and 3 seconds after clicking “Check” button


I also saw increment in installs today (around 100)


You can show interstitial immediately when check button is clicked! When user enter the app and when user exits the app!
Interstitial are best way to earn money!
Do check if you have majority of users in india then interstitial eCPM should be like 0.05-0.20 only as in india advertisers don’t pay more!
If users are more from US or other country then 0.30-0.50 is best :smiley::+1:


Yes, I have users from US and India in almost equal proportions.

I have set eCPM to $0.20 only for both banner and interstitial

I will wait for next week and check the growth


I am just curious, how do you earn the money? If the user does not click on the ads, do you still earn some?


You’ll get money from views and click

With click you earn more of course


Yes for click you earn more , but if your app will force user to click on ad then your app aswell as admob account will be banned! :sweat_smile:

Remember Clicking on the ad and viewing the ad is different :smiley::+1:






I guess there is a option to change currency!
Or dollars will be converted into your currency when transferred to bank :smiley::+1:


i upgraded to beta before and there is no go back at the bottom of page :frowning:


This might help :smile::+1:


this is screenshot from my admob beta account :frowning: any way to get back
thanks kevin for replay


Tryna search on Google :smile::+1: there might be a way


where i can find ad source


Click on your app and then on Ad-Network