Dynamic list of photo thumbnails



Need help on creating a list of thumnails, which are the photos taken from camera, and dynamically placed one by one in an arrangement.
Ideally, each of the thumnails is clickable to popup a view of its photo.

I tried using Cardview extension but couldn’t make it work. I am very new to thunkable.

Please help. Thanks!

PS - i edited the original post. also how to change my name from ID (3b77dd2aaaaf4a)?


Typically a component is a button, label, etc. but I am not totally familiar with CardView. I personally would of just used buttons in a hori. row and make the picture appear on each of the buttons (they start blank and not visible but appear after a photo is added to them) so that when you click on a button it would hide my other arrangements and show say a canvas as the photo. Then when touched, you can make the canvas hide and go back to the buttons. That’s just me though.


I tried with an invisible button in the hori arrang:
now I got this error:
"The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the child’s parent first. … " that happened to some people in the post of the extension too.

tried with Web Viewer component too, still no luck.

not sure if I didn’t use the extension right or it has a bug.



My example was WITHOUT the extension. I have no idea how to use that extension sorry.


no worries. I should have posted by following the link of the extension.
Thanks for your replies.