Dynamic Custom Listview Extension for Sale ( Create Infinite types of list ) Extensions

Hello guys ,

Me and my extension developer friend @Deep_Host brings Any Type of Custom List View Extension for everyone.
The extension is very simple to use and highly useful for apps in which you want different types of lists .
Its such a revolutionary extension that you can create any type of dynamic list from it. You can add dynamic buttons , images, cardviews and arrangements as well !

Test AIA file and extension will be provided after purchase.

Price : Rs 100
Paypal $10 PayPal.Me

Contact me to get the extension : http://bit.ly/2PwXkcN

Description :
The Extension supports any dynamic list having buttons , labels , arrangements and much more.
The extension is easy to use and very effective in application.
You can accept unlimited number of list items with the help of extention.

If you buy the extension you get lifetime support from us ( For creating custom list from us it will charge bit more ) . For any query you can contact us via an PM.

Please no personal info on the forum of any kind.

Few sample lists :

Blocks Image

Hitesh K. Yadav

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DEEP HOST is a cheater. Last year I bought this extension for 100 rupees and that time it works fine but now suddenly it’s stopped working. Then I contact him and he told that my license is over.

but that time there are no such plan of license up-gradation.And now he said, “These are in effect from September’19”, so he did not told us about that when we purchase.he should consider us because that time no such conditions are applied.

also now he demanded more money to pay him, I am a student and cannot afford a lot of money to pay him.



deep host is a cheater

a me mi ha fregato di 15 dollar e non risponde piu !!!