Download pdf files option without using any webviewer are extend webviewer

please help me to download many pdf files from a single screen…


Hello @hugh_hackmen Welcome to the Community !!

Can you tell us about the database of your PDF files ?

//Ct tricks

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am using Google drive links

Can you PM me one of your PDF file link ?

actually Links have another developer…but i need a download many pdf files using url from a single screen without using webviewer and extend webviewer… will you help me!!

Ya sure !!

You can use a activity starter to download files.!!
But before that you have to ceate a direct downoading link of your pdf files.

Read this post and visit my webpage to create direct downloading link of your files in a single click.

Blocks Screenshot

Just a little Suggestion : You can use Colin tree List view extension and Google Spreadsheet to improve the UI and make your app more dynamic.
[ Note if you want to learn/know more about the UI. Kinldy PM me ]

//Ct tricks

tqq … brother …i will try and come back to you

can you tell me… how to add download buttons in Colin tree list view

this is not working…it shows. brother ERROR 691: no corresponding activity was not found…

Ya sure PM me !!


Can you share the blocks screenshot ?

you might want to remove all quotes

txss…its working…but for every button clicks asking mail… permission

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