Download Invoice

If you are developing accounting app then these extensions will be very useful to you.
It’s completely dynamic.By this extension you can download your invoice as a PDF in App and send it to anyone.
In this you can fill the data with spreadsheets components . (6.6 KB)

Download_Invoice_as_PDF.aia (7.6 KB)

I hope you like that.

If you want May and some developments, then you can give me some donation according to your mind as you send me via pay-pal or paytm


@Andres_Cotes has helped me a lot in developing these extensions I am so grateful to them


Great extension

see this:- Create PDF as you want

Will you give a small demo on how it works

test this aia
Download_Invoice_as_PDF.aia (7.6 KB)

It working but i want to know how i can make mine

Please help In codeSpreadsheets whats data should i insert excel file name or other thing
i didn’t find this