Does Thunkable support Bluetooth LE


Does Thunkable support Bluetooth LE?


I’ve never used or tried it, but I’m sure it’ll work if you use the extension.


Probably, it’s an AI2 official extension, no? So it must work

The unique extensions that report bugs is Notification Extension by taifun


I believe the BLE extension is working for Thunkable. Can you check?

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Hi All,

This is an older thread, but I thought I’d volunteer a “yes”, in case you haven’t started.

I’ve started playing with BluetoothLE on Thunkable, and have been successful with StartScanning, DeviceFound, FoundDeviceAddress, ConnectWithAddress, (when) Connected, StopScanning, SupportedCharacteristics, SupportedServices, RssiChanged, and DisconnectWithAddress.

I downloaded the BluetoothLE extension from:

Note that the app will work as a compiled apk, but maybe not as live development (an extension plus live development problem). Please see:



hhhhh i believe that i can fly too xD but in fact that’s not true :pensive:
there is already a bluetooth functions in your app without any real tutorial about how to use it with BLE modules

Why i feel that no one in thunkable team dont know how their own ship work xD

Layout flexibility, Connectivity(BLE), Sensors & DB are the key to conquer the world with this platform … & im sure that ur platform is the best until now but i would love to see it more flexible than now because my plans are waiting :grin:



In case you haven’t run across it, there are some BLE “Documentation and Resources” here:

It says “private”, but it’s actually mostly open.



Thanks BillG for the documentation :slight_smile:
it was really what i was looking for!.. but i still greedy for more options :grin: