Does anyone know how to repeat randomly any images or gif files one by one on background screen of my app


hello everybody,I want to create a music player app that displays images or short gif memes periodically on background while user is listening to any song on its android app.

so i wish my point is very clear.
I hope i shall get my answer in step by step .
Thankyou Thunkable


What I get is that you want to create a music player app.

Go right ahead.

Here is the step by step approach.

1- you create the app
2- you test the app
3- you fix the app if it fails to work

If someone was to tell you everything in details, that would be the same as someone else doing it all for you. Which is a possibility, but no one works for free.


The logic is:

  1. upload to your app the images
  2. put them in an array in initialization
  3. use the clock component with 5.000 timer interval (or whatever you want)
  4. When trigger the clock
    4.1) set background image with a random selection from array of images