Do you know how can i make screen 2 to be a screen 1?


do you know how can i make screen 2 to be a screen 1 ?


Screen 1 cannot be renamed.

The only thing you could do is copy everything you have on screen 2 to be on screen 1 instead. It is long and tedious (and I had to do it in one of my app after it became apparent that too much was happening for one screen).

Or you can use screen 1 only as a splash screen; once it opens, it immediately calls screen 2 to open.


You can do this by directly editing the source code of the application.

1. The first step is to install your .aia file

2. The second step I will show prints
Open the folder by winrar

Click on src

Click on com

Click on you user (my user is Math)

Click on your name app (my app is ‘test’)

Well, I want to change the ‘newScreen’ as if it were the first screen.

Open in Notepad

Make this modification in the 2 files

Repeat the same, go in the source code through notepad and replace the names of Screen1 to the new name

Okay, the screen changes were made. I hope you understand, I do not know English very well, but that’s what you need to do, anything call me.

Thank you! Good Morning.


screenshots don’t show up on chrome. can you check? thx


The link is not opening? I use chrome and it opens normal here.


There is this tutorial in Portuguese, which is what I explained up there. I hope it helps.
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got 403 error from these links, but it’s okay. I will view it from youtube. thx!


Try this link, but even then mine opened normally.