Display available Bluetooth Devices without Addresses?

How can I display all available Bluetooth devices without the address? (The Numbers before the name of the device e.g. D0:5F:47:0f…)

Show us your blocks

I want only the Names of the BT Devices.

By doing this, what appears?

as you have seen, the result first shows the address and then the name seperated by a space
to remove the addresses you can write your own custom procedure like this

loop through all address - name pairs, for example using a for each in list loop
split the current address name pair at spaces to get a list having 2 elements, the address and the name
select the second item from the list, which is the name and add it into a new list
do this for all address - name pairs
then display the new list in the listpicker


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Do you still need this? I have the solution