Difference between Thunkable and MIT App Inventor?


can somebody explain the diffrence between this program and mit app inventor ? (sorry i’m new and can’t program well)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Understanding Block

Updated material design for Android 4+
Google Maps component
Ability to import custom .ttf fonts
Extra camera component methods
Extra WebViewer properties

Coming Soon:
iOS support
Monetising components
Custom app package names


Don’t forget the automatic design (4.0-4.4 uses Holo and 5.0-7 uses Material Design) and the community:wink:

Minimum Android version to run thunkable apps

Additionally Thunkable has:

-Live chat support if you have problems with your app: we have people on our website’s chat and on email ready to answer your questions.
-More app templates: The sample apps/templates are here- http://thunkable.com/explore/sample-apps.html
-Larger app sizes: App Inventor restricts how large your app can be, we have doubled that limit and plan to keep increasing it
-UI improvements to the platform/Thunkable Live app!


thx for the info conor barreeeiroo and amrita


i’m building an app to order Sandwiches as my thesis (6th secondary)
i will add it too the sample apps/templates when it’s done (if you want :wink:


@maarten_pauwels thaat would be awesome! I look forward to seeing it!


A newbie question: why is customizing the package name so important? I see a lot of people wanting that feature, but I dont understand what really is the advantage of customizing it. It is already possible to publish apps to Google Play Store as they are and they work fine isnt’it? Why should I change the package name?


Because the link to the app on the Google Play Store will be the package name, and the old package names didn’t look good.


Thanks for the answer but I still dont get it: all of that work just to change a link who almost no one look at? I dont know of anyone who checks what the link to an app looks like.


@Mic31 as @Conor noted the package name, which is part of the published app’s Play Store listing URL, may include information a developer doesn’t want publicly displayed, such as the Gmail address associated with the Google account used for development. In addition, I’d prefer the package name to feature a domain I own and control.

It’s true not many users check the URL, but it’s the few who do we’d like to keep the full information in the URL not accessible to.


Thunkable gives style to the app
App Inventor just give it a classic look
Till KitKat is it’s better but for lollipop os it doesn’t work nice.


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If you allow me … I want to get a beta and be very thankful to you and the respected team


Hi all - related to this thread wanted to know how does Thunkable compare with Ionic Creator? Is anyone aware of the tech platform difference for e.g. does any one use React Native as the base?