Did you know you can add HTML to your labels?



Hey Thunkers!

I just found this out this morning but if you ever wanted to bold, underline or italicize a word or two in a label, you can do it by ① checking the HTML Format box below and then ② use HTML like “This is <b>bold text.</b>” to bold text in your label.

Hope this helps some of you!

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Yo can also do a word wrap with this: <br>
Example: Hello World<br>How are you?


Hi there!!! And what about inside a listview / listpicker? Is it possible to put HTML format in some words inside a listview?


hello Mika… I’ve a problem with html in label: the tags bold, underline and italic are respected, but not the br/ tag
What have I to do for insert a newline in the text?


a new line is this code. <br>
If you install your apk on your device you will see a line break :slight_smile:


Sorry Mika but it doesn’t … This is what I see on my device after installing app


You have used <br/> instead of <br>
The tag <br/> doesn’t exist in HTML

HTML Format Reference:

I’m not sure if AppInventor supports all of this tags, but it could be a great feature to add if not


This is the same item with tags modified… The result is the same

It’s not good to see …


Try this: \n
Maybe this can help you.
Can you share the aia file?


with \n no changes

this is the aia file
CRALLupiae.aia (196.4 KB)


I guess you forgot to check HTML format on the design page. See the image below.

Edit: Sorry. I didn’t see your post that you have already checked HTML format. :blush:


Mmm, try to add a space before and after the tag <br>
Sometimes it could be interpreted as part of the text and not as a tag


@barreeeiroo good suggestion. i think that might be the problem. try and space out both opening and closing tags.
Best Regards!


Sorry my friends … it doesn’t goes … the string <br> is showen instead of a newline …
The bold and italic tags run perfectly …
Has anybody tried on own equipment ?


No other suggestions?


Can you share your .aia file? Maybe there is other block that is conflicting with it


Using the html code, the color can be brought to the label section.


can we add images inside label


Only as unicode


tag for line break and dont need to use 20% for space