Design Platform Very sluggish and slow


Hey guys,

I don’t know if this problem is only on my side or if anyone else out there is also struggling with this issue.

When i started using the platform to build the blocks it was working fine and i could move the blocks around with ease. As i progressed through the building i experienced more and more sluggishness in the system. The more i build, the slower everything gets.

I can;t really blame it on the size of the app at the moment because my app is only 4 MB in size if i download it.

I have seen that if i move over to my other laptop then it works better but not normal like in the beginning.

Would like to solve this issue if possible.



my guess is, you are using Google Chrome?
there are issues with the latest version…
try Firefox instead…


Hey Taifun,

Thanks for the reply and advise.

I downloaded Firefox and tried it with Thunkable, i can see a little bit of a speed difference in some places, but not so much that it actually makes the situation better. (Very little change).

I will try it again tomorrow and maybe for a few days just to make sure that the network is not playing games with me. On the pc side the CPU is running at 16 to 25% and the RAM is at 64%.

You haven’t maybe encountered any other things that might affect it on your side?



Hi, can I ask how many blocks you have used as the more blocks you add the slower the designer gets until it becomes so slow you cannot work with it anymore. The people at MIT are looking into this problem.

Hopefully they will have a solution soon!


Hi, i have 3974 blocks at the moment.


see tip 3 here

you might also think about splitting your screen into 2 screens…



Hi Taifun, hope you are doing well?

Thanks for the reply, will go through this and see were i can accommodate on my end.