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where you initially compiled it


Thunkable. And the problem appears even with your aia


I have the same problem. I made an app with this extension 2 month ago and everything was Ok. But today I tried to made another app with this same extension and the app crashes. That’s strange…
If someone have a solution…


With which constructor they made the app to investigate


I tried with thunkable and I have the problem. But after I tried with app inventor 2 and it works.
So, I think that the problem come from Thunkable.
And as I said, it worked on thunkable about 2 mounth ago, so maybe there was an update between now and October or November which cause the problem.


Maybe @amrita could help us.


please tell me now How to play my video like this.


Is it possible to know how to create such a table? Is there an app inventor?


it’s available in thunkable only with the spreadsheet component which you can use as database


Oooo thank you


انت اسمك ( الهدهد ) انت عربى ؟




I am facing the problem of app crash also with the extension. It works when you are on test mode and connected to thunkable test but after installation it crashes. Please if any when can suggest solution ?


Hi bro did you find any solution on thunkable for this problem ?


Hi, bro. No, I did not.


i tried thunkable and apybuilder but youtube video extension either crash the app or it shows nothing. Guys pls bring any suggestion


In thunkable the extension stoped working this year. In appybuilder it works pretty well.


is there any other alternative player to work on… kindly help my youtube extension is not working



thanks alot