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how ?


As stated by @Andres_Cotes. The above block is to switch the youtube video to full screen. See the youtube clip below:


it works fine with me
with spreadsheet extention and a list picker

YouTube Type App In Thunkable

How will the embedded id playlist play in this YouTube extension?
klie thts id are as ;
https: //

these id are videoseries?list=PLKD9IRjNEpXtGKrLiPVyiwO27dETmvaOY


Excuse me guys,
am I missing something or there’s no way to close the youtube screen when the video ends?

It’s a bit weird but I can’t find the way to make the youtube pop up video close once the video ends, not even the Back button on the phone works :confused:


Are they in the same situation, is there no way to send in false youtube extension?


Por favor envíame imágenes o un vídeo de cual es el problema y lo que quieres realizar


After I watched a video like I did not make it more visible?


Hi tried the extension. Is it possible if you used the whole url?

My goal is to use the extension to use the current (youtube video )url

Or how can i get the YouTube id from the current url .
somewhat like thii to use the join function
i know its not the correct code but you guys know what i mean.


Hi. @Andres_Cotes, is it possible to activate the AUTOPLAY? That is, after finishing a video start another automatically.


se puede crear en la version paga


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Hi. @Andres_Cotes, until the last year (2017) your extension and the AIA was working perfectly. However, this year it is not working when the app is generated by the Thunkable. What happens is: after installing the APP it does not open (crashes). Could you take a look, please?


what extension


ok test


Thank you for repplying. The problem is with the youtube extension. It does not work, Andres. The app crashes. No matter the chosen video.


just try the extension and it works normal


@fabioirmao youtube extension working perfect .
u can see here


I know it works perfectly. I myself have an app on the Google play that is using this extension and is working fine. However, I don’t know why, if you try to compile the same app using Thunkable it crashed due to a problem with this extension. Try it.