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protip: read this thread from the beginning and in the first post you will find the extension

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Just had this same problem and fixed it: You shouldn’t use the full link of a Youtube video but only the last series of letter and number after the equal simbol.

Example: From this link you should only use the final part E2OuPqfuZ3Q

The extension already knows that you’re use youtube and it only needs to know which specific video you want to watch, the final part of the link is the actual coded title of the video that this extension can read!..hopefully I’ve been clear :smiley:


Ok thanks, l will try it again later


It’s work @The_Tastebuddy, thanks


THX for the extension, It works fine, but there is a bug…
If i play a video, and i rotate the screen, the player is no more visibile, and the video continues on play.
The solution is set the screen in portait, bit If i do that, i can’t have full screen… Can you please fix the bug and Add a full screen Option? And If is possibile something ti set the qualità oh the video!
Thank you!


hola @lazzarotti_pennino

no contemple la posibilidad de full screen por que para ese objetivo esta la aplicacion de youtube, solo es iniciarla con el activity starter y pasarle los parametros. al rotar la pantalla el relative layout que contiene el webview no se reescribe en la vista. puedes intentar con el bloque que dice

mi recomendación si quieres visualizar los vídeo en full screen es que llames a Activity de youtube




Andres, tienes alguna documentación? no entiendo cómo usarlo.


what u say about

this is embeded code UCmphdqZNmqL72WJ2uyiNw5w
and what about
As you said above, “The extension already knows that you’re using YouTube”.
Now please let me see how I use


yes its true

example here video url
only use bold area


Sir, I have to make some such app.
local news.aia (68.9 KB)
But there should not be a YouTube banner and there is a small option to do full screen.


any one please guide me


Follow the example steps


which example?



hello, i have a idea about the full screen function, can you do a playe like this?


yes why not


please, can you do it, i need fullscreen thxx




ya actualice el post los bloques para full screen