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web view error with full screen videos

Wonderful extension from Wonderful developer in forum, thank you andres >> I wait more from you


It works for me


si funcionó en mi dispositivo:

How can web viewer as button

You are a genius. Nice and Useful Extension


Nice extension! It would be nice if you could position the video anywhere you want on the screen.



hello, This extension sound good. But i tried it, the screen not show video :frowning:

Please help me…i used this extension for app inventor


my guess is ( I might be wrong), for App Inventor you have to modify the manifest and set android:targetSdkVersion=“14” or higher, see also



Thanks for reply. But is there any other way???


on my phone


yes, use Thunkable :wink:


Is thunkable better than app inventor and stable?




E o fullscreen?


puedes rotarlo y escalarlo


This is an awesome extension. @Andres_Cotes can u please tell me the SIZE of the youtube player appers when we play the video ?


its posible play all video in youtube playlist?


No lo he intentado


need help