Deactivate a block


I think it would be a nice developer feature if we could deactivate a block…much like commenting it out. During my development, I find I insert notifiers and other debugging types of things to tell me what my program is doing as it runs. I’d like to be able to keep these blocks in place but deactivate them when I don’t need them but may need them later on.

From a structural stand point, all of my blocks are scattered all over the space. It would be nice if they could somehow be grouped into their own ‘windows’ or sections. For example, a window/section containing all of my variables. The ability to create our own windows/sections so we can move certain blocks into them for better block management. Right now I have to look all over the place to find a block.


you can… just do a right click onto a block and choose Disable Block from the context menu

do a right click on the background and choose Collapse blocks and Sort Blocks by Category as well as Arrange Blocks Horizontally or Vertically



Perfect! Thanks…