Database created for each user

I am creating an inventory app, I want to create it so that each individual who downloads the app, when they use it, it creates a unique database for each user so that the users data is exclusive to that user and the user data is retained when the app updates. And before people go why dont you research it, well i have but have not come across the right tutorial. I am not asking for an aia. file but for someone to point in the direction of how i may solve this issue.

Thank you for your time.

Hi. What you need is an online database, because if you want to retained datas, even users uninstall your app and re install your app, thier data is still there right? so i suggest use database like firebase, airtable for the best option, In airtable u can create unique data"base" which compose of tags and buckets while in airtbale is seperated table or column.

Why do you need a separate database for each user? Something like Airtable should work. Just have a row for each user with as many columns as you need to store data. To make each user record unique, create a unique ID when the row is first populated. Then, have the app search for that value in Airtable to link that row again.

Thank you guys very much for your responses, much appreciated