Daily update..and also user can download .pdf file



Hi @Pragati_Education_Fo, as I suggested yesterday, a search for either of these topics will bring up the results you are looking for.

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you’re using so far, please? Also some information on the component you are using for cloud storage would be really helpful too, thanks!


I am trying from 12 days but i cant …my android project is complete. But only last update …and thats i dont know how to do…i want make dynamic image view in my app…when i update image then user click on but to download that image…i was try in spredsheet but its not work with link…sir plz help me…


Maybe follow the advice you got from @Domhnall





please help me sir


You keep on demanding in several topics that users should contact you outside the forum. That is not what this community is all about. I am wondering why you do that?


Yes You Can Update daily and user can download PDF or anything which you want.
live_download.apk (2.5 MB)


This is only a example.



u want sell aia or post aia blocks for public ?